Air India initiates ‘FogCare’ campaign in an effort to reduce disruption

Winter fog can cause flight delays and cancellations, thus Air India has launched the “FogCare” campaign to mitigate their effects.

Foggy conditions, which are more frequent in the mornings and evenings throughout the winter, have a significant impact on flight operations. The Air India programme is a proactive measure to decrease the effects of disruption due to fog.

The Air India initiative is a preventative step to lessen the effects of fog-related interruption

As part of this campaign, passengers will be contacted by the airline and given the option to reschedule or cancel their impacted flights at no additional cost. Long lines are not an issue for flight passengers who decide against travelling to the airport. 

The decision to stay away from the airport and avoid the inconvenience of long lines is up to passengers on impacted flights. Additionally, this will help to reduce traffic at the airports.

Passengers on impacted flights will receive emails, calls, and SMS messages with flight-specific advisories, providing them with simple options to reduce inconvenience from fog-related interruptions.

According to a spokesperson of Air India, the company is also making sure that there are enough aircraft, pilots, maintenance personnel, and cabin crew members available to handle any emergencies caused by the fog. Air India is prepared to minimise disruption from the fog by employing a fully trained flight crew and a CAT-III Instrument Landing System (ILS) that can operate in poor visibility conditions.

CAT-III ILS can operate in poor visibility conditions

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A campaign to raise awareness of the programme will also be started, and a specific FogCare web page is being developed on On this website, travellers will find further details, comprehensive FAQs, real-time flight status updates, support for itinerary changes, and refund policies.

“We are pleased to launch the FogCare initiative, a customer-centric measure to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. This is one more step in our journey to becoming a world-class airline and will significantly improve the passenger experience during fog-affected days.”

“We will strive to give our customers up-to-date information on whether their flight has been impacted by fog and help them make the best choice given the circumstances. By proactively tackling the issue, we will be able to maintain the overall network schedule integrity as best as possible, and offer a better experience to all passengers, particularly those on flights unaffected by fog in Delhi, who would otherwise have been subjected to the cascading effects of rolling fog delays.”

–Rajesh Dogra, Chief Customer Experience Officer & Global Head of Airport Operations, Air India

The “FogCare” programme will be introduced to flights leaving and arriving at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport first. As the winter chill increases, the fog has become a problem in Delhi and other northern Indian cities.

Flights departing and arriving from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport will be the first to experience the “FogCare” service

The Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi issued a warning on Saturday, December 24, informing travellers that “poor visibility procedures” were in effect. However, “passengers are urged to contact their individual airlines for the newest information on their flights,” the statement added that all flight operations were normal.

Fog is a primary concern in the capital city and hence, Air India will take preventative measures as part of FogCare to minimise the impact of fog on flight operations which typically occur in the mornings and evenings but can potentially cascade throughout the day in Delhi.

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