Air India issues new grooming guidelines for Cabin Crew

Air India released a paper outlining some significant changes to uniform and personal grooming standards for its cabin crew as it begins a transformation drive.

Air India Cabin Crew uniform and grooming standards
Air India issued new grooming guidelines for its Cabin Crew

​​On Thursday, November 24, Air India released a more than 40-page circular outlining the grooming standards for all of its crew members.

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Air India Women Cabin Crew Guidelines

  1. Sarees must be worn on the natural waistline with not more than 1 inch of midriff visible.
  2. Pearl jewellery is forbidden. Wear simply plain, unadorned circular gold and diamond studs as an alternative.
  3. Only allowed formal court shoes are to be worn with sarees along with skin tone matching stockings.
  4. Match nail paints with lipstick shades. If nail length is zero, it is advisable to use only nude nail paint that matches skin tone to camouflage the extremely short nails.
  5. Hairstyles of high-top knots or low buns are not allowed. The bun must be made in the centre of the crown. A donut must be used for making a round bun. Only a thin sheer invisible net must be used with buns.
  6. Short open hair must be blow-dried or permanent smoothening must be done.
  7. Strict adherence to eyeshadow, lipstick, nail paint, and hair shade cards is expected, with no room for personal shades.
  8. Only four black bobby pins can be used. Pins must be of the same size and type.
  9. Only one bangle without design and stones is allowed.
  10. A small bindi is allowed with a saree only (optional) and must be within 0.5 cm in size. Big-size bindi is not permitted.
New grooming standards for its male and female cabin crew have been announced by Tata Group-owned Air India, including a ban on wearing black and religious thread around the wrist, neck, and ankle

Air India Men Cabin Crew Guidelines

  1. Black uniform jackets must be worn throughout the flight in all cabins (During boarding, service and deplaning)
  2. Only black calf-length socks without logos are to be worn with the uniform.
  3. Men crew with deep receding hairlines and male balding patches must keep a clean shaved head or bald look. The Head must be shaved daily. A crew cut is not permitted.
  4. The use of hair gel is mandatory.
  5. Personal tie pins are not allowed. Crew can wear a tie without the tie pin if not issued.
  6. Only one Sikh Kada with a maximum width of 0.5 cm thickness in gold or silver without any design, logos or stones may be worn. No other bracelets are allowed. 
  7. Only one ring in the wedding band design is allowed.

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Additionally, both male and female flight attendants must conceal their grey hair with a natural-looking colour. Henna or fashion colours are prohibited, according to the rules. Black or religious threads on the wrist, neck, and ankle are also forbidden.

The grey hair of both male and female flight attendants must be covered with a natural-looking colour

According to the rules, crew members should avoid wearing sunglasses inside airports or on aircraft. The crew members are not allowed to discuss political, religious, or company topics on social media. Also, the Cabin Crew members who are on leave must travel in smart casual clothing and proper attire on Air India flights.

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Disapproval rumblings about these rules have also been heard.

“Details such as hair colour, shaving the head, wearing tie-pins, these were never enforced. Enforcement will happen with the newer lot of flight attendants first.”

–An Air India Cabin Crew told TOI

The guidelines, according to an Air India official who talked on the record and on the condition of anonymity, are overly rigid and are not going down well with the crew.

“..some think it is required for building the image of the airline, but others see it to be a little too much.”