Air India starts 24 domestic flights to enhance connectivity between metros


Air India started additional 24 domestic flights which began on August 20 to improve connectivity between major metro cities. The majority of these planes will operate on routes that pass via major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chennai, among others.

Two new frequencies will be added by Air India on the routes from Delhi to Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad as well as from Mumbai to Chennai and Hyderabad. Additionally, one new frequency will be added on the routes from Mumbai to Bengaluru and from Ahmedabad to Pune.

“This expansion bolsters connectivity between key metros and improves connectivity between Air India’s domestic and international networks. Over the past six months, Air India has been working closely with our partners to return aircraft to service, and we are delighted that this effort is now bearing fruit.”

Campbell Wilson, MD and CEO, Air India

The introduction of the new route was made possible by the restoration of Air India’s aircraft that had been grounded for prolonged periods due to the Covid pandemic and other reasons.

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As of now, there are 70 aircraft in Air India’s narrowbody fleet, 54 of which are operational. By the beginning of 2023, the remaining 16 aircraft will gradually enter service again.

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Air India starts 24 domestic flights to enhance connectivity between metros

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Air India is considering buying more than 200 new planes with 70% of them being narrow-bodied aircraft, according to aviation industry sources.

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The airline’s document said that considering the future expansion plans for its fleet, it is imperative to meet the workforce requirement. “To meet our requirement, it is proposed to retain our current trained pilots at Air India post-retirement on a contractual basis for five years extendable to 65 years,” it mentioned.