Airbus, Air Liquide and VINCI Airports collaborate to accelerate the decarbonization of the aviation sector

Three significant stakeholders in the aviation, hydrogen, and airport industries — Airbus, Air Liquide, and VINCI Airports — are collaborating to promote the use of hydrogen at airports and develop the European airport network to support future hydrogen aircraft.

The first installations will be located at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport (France) as early as 2023. This collaboration demonstrates the three organisations’ united desire to pool their skills to help the decarbonization of air transport.

The partners have decided to use Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport as the pilot airport. This airport serves as the centre of excellence for innovation at VINCI Airports. This project’s implementation is divided into many stages:

  • The installation of a hydrogen gas distribution station at the airport of Lyon-Saint Exupéry will begin in 2023. This station will refuel the heavy cargo vehicles that travel around the airport as well as the ground vehicles owned by the airport (such as buses, trucks, handling equipment, etc.). The airport’s capabilities and dynamics as a “hydrogen hub” within its service region must be tested during this initial phase
  • Infrastructures for liquid hydrogen will be installed between 2023 and 2030, enabling the provision of hydrogen into the aircraft’s fuel tanks
  • Beyond 2030: development of the hydrogen infrastructure from liquid hydrogen generation to widespread distribution at the airport

By 2030, the three partners will investigate the viability of putting the necessary hydrogen production, storage, and supply infrastructure in place at VINCI Airports’ network of European airports for usage both on the ground and aboard aeroplanes.

Airbus ZEROe | Representative | WTM Global Hub

This collaboration represents a significant step toward the development of hydrogen throughout the airport ecosystem and demonstrates the parties’ common commitment to decarbonizing air transport.

Airbus’s expertise in commercial aviation, Air Liquide’s mastery of the entire hydrogen value chain (production, liquefaction, storage, and distribution), and VINCI Airports’ global reach as the top private airport operator with 45 airports across 12 countries are all relied upon to help build the desired network.

Air Liquide


Air Liquide S.A. is a French multinational company which supplies industrial gases and services to various industries including medical, chemical and electronic manufacturers. Air Liquide’s headquarters are in Paris, and it also has major sites in Japan, Houston, Newark, Delaware, Frankfurt, Shanghai and Dubai. The company’s research and development (R&D) targets the creation of industrial gases, and also gases that are used in products such as healthcare items, electronic chips, foods, and chemicals.

VINCI Airports

As a global integrator, VINCI Airports develops, finances, builds and provides everyday operation of more than 50 airports in Europe, Asia and the Americas. It offers airport design, project management, traffic development, passenger services, and aeronautical activities.


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