TATAs in talks with Airbus for its flagship A350 XWB

The European plane manufacturer, Airbus, is reportedly in talks with the TATA group and other Indian carriers regarding the procurement of its wide-bodied A350XWB planes – a report which was confirmed by Remi Maillard – president and MD of Airbus India & South Asia, today.

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We are obviously in talks with all airlines. The new owner of Air India — Tatas — are existing customers of Airbus. Tatas have Vistara and AirAsia India with them, as we know. We have developed long standing, trustful and respected relationship with the Tata Group.

Remi Maillard stated at a press conference
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Tatas are Airbus’s partner in the defence business too-Maillard said further.

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We are industrializing and manufacturing together our C-295 military transport aircraft for the Indian Air Force. Of course, we will be privileged to continue supporting the ambition of the Tata Group in the aviation sector across all the complete spectrum


With the acquisition of Air India, the TATAs now have four entities under a single umbrella- including Air India Express, Vistara and AirAsia India.

According to Maillard, the fleet of wide-body aircraft in India has remained constant for the past twenty years in comparison to the single-body fleet, which magnified by as much as six times in the same period. Currently in India, only Vistara and Air India have wide-bodied aircraft in their fleet.

The Airbus A350 is a long-range, wide-body airliner, with larger fuel tanks that allow them to travel long distances as compared to narrow-bodied aircraft like A320NEO. Powered by two Trent XWB turbofan engines that result from a very close collaboration between Airbus and the powerplant’s manufacturer, Rolls-Royce, the aircraft can travel above 8,000 nautical miles, with a flying time of approximately 18 hours in one flight.

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According to Remi Maillard, Airbus is aggressively confident when it comes to the long-haul international market out of India.

We believe the kind of revolution we have witnessed in domestic traffic in the last 20 years will now happen in the long haul market. The new generation aircraft, the A350, will be the trigger for this revolution in the international long haul market.


The A350XWB aircraft features 300 to 410 seats in a three-class configuration. With full LED mood lighting and larger overhead bins, it has the quietest cabin and 25 per cent less fuel consumption among all the wide-bodied aircraft.


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