C02-neutral flying | Here’s how you can now offset CO2 emissions directly on-board

In what can be termed as a first of its kind, Lufthansa airlines is now testing a new service that would allow passengers to offset the carbon emissions of their air travel directly onboard. This service, with Internet connectivity, is to be available to all Lufthansa passengers flying to and from Munich on all short- and medium-haul flights.

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How does it work?

Passengers can now choose how to offset the CO2 emissions of their flight via a range of options available through the onboard entertainment system.

The service can be accessed free of charge via the internet available onboard. Using a slider, passengers can navigate to one of three options available for offsetting, namely :

  1. Sustainable Aviation Fuel made from biogenic residue
  2. High-quality carbon offset projects run by the non-profit organization myclimate
  3. Combination of both

Apparently, this new service incorporates the technology of the “Compensaid” platform for CO2-neutral air travel developed by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub in 2019.

Compensaid – Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Compensaid is Lufthansa Group’s digital platform for CO2-neutral flying. Having been tested as a prototype in 2019,  integrated into the booking process of the various Lufthansa Group airlines and is also available as an offer for Lufthansa Group’s corporate customers via the Compensaid Corporate Program.

Lufthansa Group

Lufthansa Cargo also offers a CO2-neutral freight product based on Compensaid technology.

The digital platform was developed in cooperation with the Lufthansa Group’s fuel experts, who purchase the certified fuel globally and feed it into Lufthansa flight operations.

Lufthansa Group

Additionally, the company also has another venture by the name “Squake”- which also offers a CO2 compensation platform enabling travel and transport companies to choose sustainability initiatives from a bank from partners and projects.

The business-to-business platform calculates CO2 emissions of trips and offers ways for them to be offset within the booking process.

The platform is free for sustainability businesses to sign up to and Squake charges a 10% fee on every transaction made by the customers of the travel businesses using it.

We’re really trying to decarbonise everyone in the entire supply and travel chain and that’s a really grand vision which is why I’m excited about it. When you dial it down a little bit, it’s really about building the green backbone for each company in that segment

Christine Wang, managing director of LIH (Lufthansa Innovative Hub)
Christine Wang | KrASIA

There is an opportunity for Squake to help educate the industry, make it more transparent and offer ways to reduce carbon emissions over the next few years-she adds.

Did you know?  JetSetGo, a leading Indian aviation company, is all set to make flight operations carbon neutral by 2024. The company has set up a carbon offsetting programme, in association with  Auroville Consulting, which would assess emissions from ongoing and future operations to quantify the number of credits that need to be purchased from pre-selected socially and environmentally-beneficial carbon offset projects and reduce emissions by implementing innovative technological solutions. The remaining emissions would be neutralized using an active carbon offset strategy.

JetSetGo CEO- Kanika Tekriwal | The Economic Times


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