DGCA suspends the licences of 2 Alliance Air pilots for runway excursion at Jabalpur Airport

Aviation regulator DGCA on Tuesday, May 19 said it has suspended the licenses of two Alliance Air pilots whose actions led to their plane overshooting the runway while landing at the Jabalpur airport on March 12. The two pilots were operating an ATR-72 aircraft from Delhi to Jabalpur on March 12.

An ATR 72-600 aircraft operated by state-owned Alliance Air had overshot the runway after landing at Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh on March 12. Even as all 55 passengers and five crew members on board were safe, the airline had de-rostered the pilots then.

DGCA suspends the licences of 2 Alliance Air pilots for runway excursion at Jabalpur Airport

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said its probe found that during landing at the Jabalpur airport, the aircraft floated for a long period and touched down approximately 900 metres after the aiming point (touchdown point).

“The decision of PF (pilot flying) to continue despite long float resulted in the long landing and subsequently runway excursion. PNF (Pilot not flying) did not call out for Go-Around despite prolonged flare,” the regulator said.

A “Go-Around” is done when a pilot feels that the aircraft does not have a stabilised approach just before landing.

Statement of the Alliance Air at the time of the excursion

In the statement, the DGCA said the above “action or inaction” of the crew jeopardized the safety of the aircraft and its occupants and was in violation of the Aircraft Rules 1937 and Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR). The privileges of the licenses held by both the operating crew have been suspended for one year.

A runway excursion is a runway safety incident where an aircraft makes an inappropriate exit from the runway. Runway excursions include runway overruns, where an aircraft is unable to stop before it reaches the end of the runway. Runway excursions can happen because of pilot error, poor weather, or a fault with the aircraft.