Dream Job? Netflix is ready to pay a private flight attendant up to $385,000!

Netflix is ready to pay up to $385,000 a year (Rs 3 crore/ year) to a private flight attendant for its “dream crew” on its private plane Gulfstream G550.

Before you presume, Netflix isn’t searching for someone to play the part of a flight attendant in its next web series; instead, the firm needs a flight crew for one of its private jets.

Streaming Giant, Netflix, despite cutting hundreds of jobs just 7 months ago, is now looking to hire a flight attendant for one of its super-midsize private jets based at its Los Gatos headquarters in San Jose, California. Notably, the position entails travel within and outside of the United States and has a base in San Jose, California.

Gulfstream G500

In addition to offices in Madrid, Seoul, Tokyo, Mexico City, and London, Netflix operates in 30 cities worldwide.

What does it take to be in the ‘dream crew’?

Netflix is looking for a private flight attendant who is FAA-certified with training in flight safety. The candidates must also be flexible to work different schedules, including local and international travel. Additionally, there will be a need for the weekend and holiday workdays as well as lengthy travel times.

The applicants must possess qualities that include “independent judgement, discretion, and outstanding customer service skills”. 

Candidates must “demonstrate a professional representation of Netflix Aviation at all times while performing the duties of the position,” says the job description. Further, candidates should be able “to operate with little direction and a lot of self-motivation” and embrace Netflix’s ethos.

Candidates should be able “to operate with little direction and a lot of self-motivation” and embrace Netflix’s ethos.

Application candidates should be able to provide “confidential air transportation” and exercise “discretion” in their work.

“The Netflix Aviation department provides exceptional, safe, confidential air transportation. It is our goal to provide the most outstanding aviation experience available, by using the best people and the best equipment and providing the highest level of customer service possible. The aviation team helps Netflix reach the world more efficiently and effectively so the company can continue to create joy around the world.”

–Job Listing, Netflix

Before takeoff, the flight attendant’s responsibilities on the aircraft include assessing the emergency equipment in the cockpit, cabin, and gallery. 

The flight attendant’s duties on board the aircraft include inspecting the emergency equipment in the cockpit, cabin, and gallery prior to takeoff.

“Must be able to assist with purchasing aircraft stock before trips, ability to lift and carry up to 30 lbs when loading and stocking the aircraft, capable of long periods of standing, able to help with baggage loading as necessary.”

–Job Listing, Netflix

How much will the job pay?

Although the streaming behemoth Netflix hasn’t provided precise compensation for the post, it did indicate that the general market range for jobs similar to it is between $60,000 and $385,000. The final remuneration will be based on a number of elements, including experience and skill. 

Netflix said that “compensation factors” such as an employee’s background, experience, and talents are taken into account when determining remuneration. The job description stated that these factors can cause their salary to differ and will also be dependent on their location.

According to Netflix, compensation criteria such as an employee’s background, experience, and skills are considered when deciding on salary.

“The overall market range for this role is typical $60,000 – $385,000. This market range is based on total compensation (vs only base salary), which is in line with our compensation philosophy.”

–Job Listing, Netflix

Calling all flight attendants! Get ready to submit your resumes at Netflix Jobs!

Source: CNBC-TV18