FitsAir to begin direct flights between Colombo and Tiruchirappalli

Aircraft loading

FitsAir, a private low-cost carrier of Sri Lanka, will begin offering direct flights on the Colombo-Tiruchirappalli sector, 3 times a week, starting December 8.

The airline will run the services on the sector on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

After Sri Lankan Airlines, which has been running its services on the Colombo – Tiruchi – Colombo sector for some time, FitsAir would be the second airline to do so.

According to information provided by the airline, flights will depart from Bandaranaike International Airport on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday each week.

FitsAir anticipates expanding its air routes to India and other nations in the future, as well as increasing the number of flights to ten weekly. In its next summer schedule, the low-cost airline will first begin operating flights between Trichy and Colombo, then Trichy and Jaffna.

The summer schedule will begin in March 2023 and in order to draw tourists from the neighbouring nation, Sri Lankan airlines reportedly plan to extend flight services to India.

On October 5th, FitsAir launched its inaugural flight from Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport to Dubai International Airport using the aircraft A320-200. 

In addition to Colombo, FitsAir will also be based in Jaffna Airport and Ratmalana Airport, where it intends to establish a mini-hub and resume domestic flight operations. FitsAir appears to be on a highly successful roll for a low-cost carrier that only launched a few days ago as it seeks to serve top destinations like Dubai and India.

In particular, FitsAir’s entry into the Sri Lankan aviation market comes at a critical time when the nation is grappling with a damaging financial crisis that is leading to a severe lack of foreign currency and fuel, which has forced several airlines to divert to other locations for refuelling or reduce capacity. The flag airline Sri Lankan Airlines is having trouble at the same time the low-cost carrier enters the market.

With FitsAir in the air, Sri Lankan Airlines would face intense competition since, from a business perspective, customers will already be drawn to the inexpensive tickets.

Sri Lankan Airlines was impacted by the Pandemic which prompted it to cut back a number of flights and due to the economical crisis, forced the govt. to sell off a portion of the airline

FitsAir’s three times weekly service between Colombo and Tiruchirappalli is not as impressive in terms of routes as Sri Lankan Airlines’ seven weekly offerings. Still, as the low-cost carrier begins ramping frequencies, the competition will heat up much more.

FitsAir’s debut has received positive feedback so far since the low-cost carrier is viewed as a revolutionary glimmer of light in the approaching gloom of the nation’s aviation business. Forecasts have even stated that FitsAir, with its present development, launch popularity, and solid financial position as a privatised carrier, could very well surpass the flag carrier. 

The flag carrier of Sri Lanka hasn’t had a good run of things lately; in the past, the pandemic’s impacts prompted it to cut back on a number of flights, and the country’s present economic situation forced the government to sell off a portion of the airline. This may cause Sri Lankan Airlines to lose favour as FitsAir enters the picture, along with a new low-cost carrier.

FitsAir now has 8 aircraft in its fleet, but with plans to keep adding routes and locations, it is safe to say that the future is looking bright for this fledgling airline!