• How can I get a job as a flight attendant?

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    First off, you need courage. Yes, courage. Being a flight attendant requires a lot of courage, because every day you must talk to new people, interact with new people, help new people, and try to make a good impression on new people as well.

    Once you’ve got that, you must meet a few requirements physically:

    HEIGHT- Normally the minimum height is between 5’0-5’1 and the maximum ranges between 5’8-6’3. The height requirements are different at every airline. Many airlines do not even have height requirements, but instead require that you be able to reach to a specified vertical height.

    VISION: Correctable eyewear or contacts are allowed to ensure you can meet the corrected vision requirements.

    WEIGHT: There are NO weight standards at US airlines. You will only be visually assessed and the recruiter is looking for weight in proportion to height.

    EDUCATION: Only a high school diploma (Or GED) is required. NO prior schooling or training is required. The airline that hires you will provide all of your training. Airline training material is highly specific and safety sensitive and cannot be purchased. You cannot receive your airline training from any place other than the airline, regardless of what you might see on the internet.

    Then, you’ve got to prepare for an interview. This interview should be like any other job interview. Professionally dressed, good impression, all the usual. If the airline hires you, you must train with the airline for a few months before you become an official FA. Keep in mind some airlines require more training than others; Singapore Airlines requires five months, while Southwest requires one month.

    Then, you become a flight attendant!

    However, it doesn’t stop there. You’ve got to learn many things about your working environment, such as getting along with other crew members, how to take care of yourself, and how to look good (Yes, look good. By that I mean how to comb/style your hair or put make up, all that stuff. This is usually harder for females).

    Being a flight attendant is fun, and is amazing, but remember that it is still a job. I wish you good luck in your career, my friend!

    I hope I helped!!!!!!

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