• How much does it ultimately cost to become a pilot in India ?

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    This is a very popular question in all my fellow aviators or aviation aspirants . I got my CPL last year only and not much things have changed ever since .

    Okay so for your CPL in India you are gonna spend about 40–50 lacs on an average. Note that this figure will include your hostel expenses , food , accommodation etc

    Now after you get your CPL if you wanna go for your TR you are gonna spend around total 15–25 lacs depending on where you do your rating from .

    Now , if you join any airline , the airline is gonna charge you some amount for your line training etc. So if you join as a CPL holder the airline is gonna charge you about 25–30 lacs for your training . And if you join as a rated guy you are gonna pay about 7–10 lacs .

    Hence in either of the case you are gonna spend around total 70 lacs in your training and until you are into any airline working .

    Note : Add around 5 lacs more for exam fees , travelling , coaching classes and all hidden expenses.

    So your total is gonna come about at around 75 lacs .

    Hope this helps , stay motivated , fly high and fly safe !

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