• What are the best airlines in the world?

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    The passengers have ranked the top ten airlines in the world as rated by their good users. Even though Vistara has been ranked as the best in India, the Tata-owned airlines didn’t make it to the top ten in the world. Here are the best airlines in the skies right now, according to those who travel.

    10. ANA (Air Nippon Airways)

    Trust the Japanese to get the airline business right. ANA or Air Nippon Airways, is known for its clean cabins, comfortable seating with ample leg room and great in-flight service, ranked number 10 in the list of the best airlines in the world.

    9. Jet2

    You wouldn’t expect a low-cost airline to be on this list but the British-owned Jet2 with its easy check-in process and friendly cabin crew ranked number nine.

    8. Air New Zealand

    Think wide range of food selection, complimentary drinks, and great in-flight entertainment and you’ll know why fliers voted for Air New Zealand.

    7. Azul

    The Brazilian airlines ranked number seven thanks to its excellent aircraft, attentive crew and great in-flight meals.

    6. Southwest Airlines

    Southern hospitality in this American carrier, along with an engaged staff took Southwest Airlines to number six in the list of the best airlines in the world and the only American airline in the top ten.

    5. Japan Airlines

    Yet another Japanese carrier–with its impeccable service and high levels of cleanliness–makes it to the list, rounding off the top five.

    4. Emirates

    There are airlines and there’s Emirates. If you’ve ever flown Emirates First Class, chances are you’ll never fly anything else. The experience begins much before you fly — with an airport pick-up in a Mercedes that’s followed by an exclusive lounge and an unparalleled flying experience that includes a Bvlgari vanity kit and an onboard shower so you never look jet-lagged. Some lounges even have direct access to the aircraft so you don’t have to walk the length of the terminal. Just some of the reasons why Emirates ranks so high in this list.

    3. EVA Air

    The Taiwanese carrier may not offer as many luxuries as Emirates but it still managed to edge past it to number three in the list of the best airlines in the world.

    2. Qatar Airways

    Over the last few years, Qatar Airways has been rising as the airline of choice for several fliers. Last year the airline introduced the revolutionary Qsuite–an almost first class experience at business class rates. What you get is a comfy cabin that guarantees you complete privacy and some amazing in-flight F&B.

    1. Singapore Airlines

    While Emirates and Qatar do have their OTT offerings, almost no airlines has been able to match Sing Air’s overall service and other offerings. For those who cannot afford to buy into the super luxurious business and first class, Sing Air’s Premium Economy is a rather promising option. And Singapore having emerged as an important hub in the last decade, Singapore Airlines’ connectivity is also unmatched. And there are those select long-distance flights–like the one from New York to Singapore–that run only Premium Economy making everyone’s flight a pleasant one and not restricting the comfort to a select few.

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    22 March 2022 at 1:00 AM

    Qantas has an excellent safety record for many years so it would definetly be #1

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    Air india

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