• What is the best airline to fly from India to USA?

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    27 August 2021 at 7:15 PM

    It depends on where you are flying from and how flexible you are with the timings.

    Travelling from East Coast (other than JFK, EWR):

    British Airways, Qatar, Emirates, Ethiad.

    JFK, EWR have many airlines which travels to India like Saudia, Air India, Jet airways, Lufthansa, Air China and so on.

    From Central (Chicago, Texas, Atlanta etc) : Emirates, Qatar, Lufthansa, BA, Ethihad.

    From West Coast ( SFO, LAX, Seattle) : Singapore airlines, Jet airways, Ethihad.

    To answer your question:

    from where ever you fly, the below information will help you.

    British Airways: They are standard with their services (when I say standard, it doesn’t mean high profile, but standard). They are not passenger friendly, nor very rude, they are professional. Food is good, inflight entertainment is ok, overall is OK. Direct flights from London to most of Indian cities.

    Lufthansa: Flight is good, food is good. Passenger friendly crew. No direct flights to Indian cities, connecting from Delhi or Mumbai.

    Qatar: Very good flight and good food. Entertainment is good. Direct flights are available to few cities. Only catch is, might have a very long overlay in Qatar (if Ok with the overlay, a very good flight).

    Emirates: Everything is par expectation (Including rate). If rate is ok, this would be the best flight.

    AirIndia: Might find direct flight to Delhi and a connecting to your city. Will get Indian treatment right from the start of the flight.

    Jet airways: is standard with their services.

    Singapore Airlines: I personally never traveled in this, but heard a lot of reviews that this has the best economy coach. If possible, you can try this.

    Ethihad: This is a very good flight which fits in very much in budget. Only catch is luggage. They are very strict with luggage policy (including cabin). All other airlines allow few pounds of extra luggage in checkin, where as Ethihad is very strict with 50 pounds. Few airlines does not check cabin weight, but Ethihad only allows 7 pounds.

    NOTE1: All the above Airlines have few customers who are not satisfied with services or might had a very bad time flying with them. That is always a concern.

    NOTE2: Regarding AirIndia, I referenced as Indian treatment – It is not in a bad sense, please don’t take me wrong.

  • Boaz

    23 May 2022 at 9:40 AM

    actually, you are right it depends on you. There are many private airlines that provide excellent services. There are many factors that make airlines better such as services like comfort, refund policy, customer care, fare, flexibility, and so many others.

    from India to America for Indian passengers, I would say air India is the best option again this is according to my personal experience.

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