Heralding a new age in urban air mobility – MANTA AIRCRAFT unveils multi-model hybrid eVTOL family

Manta Aircraft is an Italian start-up and a high-tech engineering and design company. Having moved to its new office in Sesto Calende, Varese/Italy in beautiful Lombardy-Europe’s heart of vertical flight, in 2021, the company is involved in the development of multi-purpose aerial platforms and different models of hybrid-electric V/STOL vehicles for advanced air mobility.

The company aims to offer innovative, ready-to-build aircraft for Urban/Regional Air Mobility, which combines the advantages of the vertical take-off and landing capability with the speed and long-range features of winged aircraft, the silent electric propulsion and the endurance ensured by a turbo-generator.


Manta had recently unveiled the ‘ANN’ family of eVTOL aircraft. They are touted to be a breed of Hybrid-electric Vertical and Short Take-off and Landing (HeV/STOL) machines which means that they can take off and land vertically, in addition to operating from very short airstrips with considerably higher payload. Furthermore, they also feature hybrid propulsion, which reportedly gives them higher performance in terms of long endurance and range, and their aeroplane-like architecture allows for higher speed and climbs characteristics, as well as superior manoeuvrability in safer flying conditions.

The ANN family of eVTOL aircraft


Designed for General Aviation & multi-purpose utility missions like law enforcement, infrastructure surveillance and rapid intervention missions (like medical transport of organs from helipad to helipad) as well, ANN2 is a tandem-seat configuration with a fully carbon-fibre structure air vehicle for personal mobility. That makes this aircraft fast, small and agile.

Overall length8.700 m (28.54 ft)
Wingspan6.800 m (22.31 ft)
Height1.700 m (5.58 ft)



The design boasts of a styled, eye-catching, powerful, agile and performing architecture, ANN4 is a fully carbon-fibre structure air vehicle with four comfortable seats for personal mobility, business travel & transport operations.

The ANN Drone


The ANN Drone is a fully carbon-fibre structure high-performance drone version which can be controlled remotely or operated autonomously. When it comes to range, speed and climb performance, they are above average, owing to its advanced hybrid-electric propulsion.

Design and specs

Fast, Agile and Safe flying

Representative | mantaaircraft

ANN family’s canard configuration provides high flight efficiency in airplane mode, and this translates into benefits such as smooth ride qualities with ample CG excursion.

Long endurance and range

The hybrid propulsion system allows long-range regional and interregional flights without recharging stops-from 300km (VTOL mode) to 800km (STOL model).

High cruising speed

It can clock speeds between 250-300km/h, thereby enabling fast commuting on medium and long distances.

Limited infrastructure needs

No ground recharging infrastructure for the batteries is required, which translates to a shorter ground time and high dispatch readiness.

Low noise

Representative | mantaaircraft

Ducted fans and vectored thrust makes it quieter than helicopters.

Low operating costs

Costs just about a fraction of a helicopter.

Enhanced safety systems

Features all passive and active safety systems: ballistic parachute, energy-absorbing crew cell, thereby prioritising passenger safety.

Easy deployment


Modular design allows for quick disassembly/assembly for transport and repair: eg. wings, canard, fuselage.

Manta aircraft and Avionord have agreed to field in the future as many as 15 hybrid-electric long-range vertical takeoffs and landing (eVTOL) aircraft derived from the Manta Aircraft “ANN” platform in medical services configuration.

We are very pleased of this partnership with Avionord, who have recognized the uniqueness of the ANN platform in terms of range, pushing into the direction of creating a real use case that will contribute to the rapid establishment of Advanced Air Mobility. From the outset, the design of the aircraft was planned for a relevant range and speed in combination with the low infrastructure requirements and overall costs at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter, in order to be suitable for this kind of operations

Lucas Marchesini, CEO of Manta Aircraft

Deliveries are expected to start in 2026.

Avionord is a private air transport company highly specialized in Medical Air Transport.

Manta Aircraft at the Dubai Airshow 2021

Manta is working with the Italian Civil Aviation Authority and plans to begin certification of the first two-seat, multi-purpose model ANN2 in 2023. In parallel, the team is also working on the preliminary design of the larger ANN4+ model with significantly more seats and space for luggage, or cargo.


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