High-speed baggage handling system installed at Delhi Airport T1

The Delhi international airport has been installing an integrated cart system (ICS) at its Terminal-1 for baggage handling that has high speed, high capacity and more reliability, DIAL said on Friday, January 7.

“The radio frequency identification (RFID) enabled ICS ensures error-less sorting of baggage,” Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) said in a statement. The new hi-tech system will operate at a speed of 2.1 metres per second and sort up to 6,000 bags per hour, it mentioned.

The radio frequency identification (RFID) enabled ICS ensures error-less sorting of baggage.

“The existing conveyor system i.e., traditional belt system operates at a speed of 0.5 metres per second,” it noted. Each baggage stays completely within the confines of its carrier tray (cart) throughout the transportation process – from check-in islands to baggage make-up area, the DIAL said.

This significantly reduces the risk of loss and damage to baggage and disruption to the system, due to the strap or other baggage related causes, it added.

“The highly automated and complex system of ICS also enhances passengers’ experience by ensuring that the right baggage reaches the right flight seamlessly and safely soon after a passenger hands over its baggage,” it mentioned.

A few days ago, DIAL had finished the refurbishing work on the 09/27 runway at the IGI airport as well as handed over the facility to ATC for commercial operations in December. It will now help in reducing the runway operations time. The newly rehabilitated runway complies with the Category I Instrument Landing System.

This assists pilots during an aircraft’s landing in low visibility conditions. The rehabilitation work of IGI Airport’s runway 09/27 (first runway) was undertaken by Delhi International Airport Limited as part of the Phase 3A expansion project of the Delhi Airport.