Innovative Flight Simulator design to change the way pilots are trained

What can be described as a new and disruptive flight training simulator, for which Saturn Flight Simulator has acquired patents, is now followed by a letter of intent for six simulator orders.

Saturn Flight Simulator

Designed so that it is easily configurable for multiple aircraft and training scenarios and minimum maintenance, minimum operational cost, and minimum downtime. The cockpit can be custom-fitted as per customer requirements to include anything from generic single/multi-engine, Cessna 172 glass to a Boeing 737.

Touted to cost millions less than currently available traditional simulators, thereby bringing down acquisition and operational costs, the simulator features a full 360-degree rotation on all three axis and linear movement on heave and has high fidelity, high roll, yaw and pitch capabilities.

Furthermore, it is also intended to serve as a boundless training device for the entire spectrum of flight training including- initial, recurrent, Private Pilot License (PPL), Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), Minimum Performance Transponder (MPT), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), aerobatics, unusual attitudes, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT), combat, agriculture, fire-fighting and more.

According to Saturn Flight Simulator, this is as close as it gets to the real aircraft flying experience with unsurpassed audio, visual, motion & intelligent feedback systems for enhanced sensory perception. It also believes that these features will make it suitable not only for commercial training but also for defence/combat training. They will also entice more facilities to purchase and offer existing Class D/Full Flight Simulators equivalent devices at the price of traditional B/A Flight Training Devices.

What does the market demand say?

Rising concerns over pilot demand, training costs, fluctuating fuel prices, and saving on actual aircraft maintenance & repair costs are some factors favourably driving the global simulator demand including, the importance of aircraft safety, and the need for substantial training.

Ageing simulator fleet-Advanced / FFS Simulators currently available in the market have high acquisition costs, coupled with high ongoing operation and maintenance costs.

Saturn Flight Simulator

Saturn Flight Simulator is currently in the engineering stage of design and finalizing on electro-mechanical, electronics and other components for the prototype.

While traditional simulators limit accessibility and the type of training provided, the design of this high-fidelity simulator will enable more inclusive training, which can help award more pilot training hours to overcome pilot shortages.

Fully operational models are slated to hit the floors by mid-2024.


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