Is an autonomous business jet next on the cards for Embraer?

Embraer Executive Jets introduced a proposal for a future medium-size cabin aircraft at the National Business Aviation Association’s “No Plane No Gain” Leadership Breakfast in Orlando, Florida, that radically rewrites the rules of aviation.

The Brazilian manufacturer unveiled a concept plane with a number of features it believes are crucial in the new market environment, including autonomous flight, environmentally friendly propulsion, extensive use of artificial intelligence (AI), and a new manufacturing process based on “Industry 4.0.”

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The executive jet of the future from Embraer is a mid-size design that resembles the Praetor family. It features solutions that have never been used before in the category, like a lounge with lots of windows in place of the cockpit.

The aircraft has several unusual characteristics, including a V-tail, which is uncommon for business jets, and an unusual engine layout with two turbofans in the tail.

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With three air intakes—one on top and two on either side of the fuselage—the engines appear to be positioned above one another rather than on either side of the back fuselage.

The airplane will also include three cabin zones, according to a tweet from Embraer. One of these areas is depicted in the images that were linked to the tweet and is a large lounge that is located at the front of the airplane. The cabin is also seen with touchscreens overlaying the windows.

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As this is a concept, no performance numbers have been defined. There are no commitments from Embraer Executive Jets to develop and manufacture the presented airplane. Embraer will rather use it as an inspiration to investigate and develop new technologies and new solutions for the business aviation of the future

Embraer’s statement explained

The announcement is a development of Embraer’s earlier concept for a family of next-generation regional aircraft that will exclusively use sustainable fuel.

The design, which was presented at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in 2022, envisions a vehicle that uses only renewable fuel and makes considerable use of artificial intelligence (AI).


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