Major airports to get “C-UAS” equipment soon – Adani Defence and Aerospace

The Adani Group portfolio boasts of a wide domain including air and seaports, highways, thermal powerplants etc – all of which are key drivers of the economy of the nation.

The Defence & Aerospace arm is involved in helping India achieve self-reliance in defence & security and has established capabilities in small arms, unmanned aerial systems, radars, defence electronics & avionics, tactical communication systems, and electro-optical systems with a proven record to support the Indian Armed Forces and other para-military forces in India.

According to reports, the defence conglomerate is now collaborating with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Israel’s Elbit Systems to begin deploying counter-UAS equipment in some of the country’s major airports.

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First deployment is happening at the civil airports, which are owned by Adani’s and the intention is to take it to the largest set of airports within the country – and then you talk about any critical establishment, nuclear establishment, seaports, power plants, each and every establishment which require counter drone technology

Ashish Rajvanshi, CEO of Adani Defence & Aerospace was quoted in the report
Ashish Rajvanshi-President & Head, Adani Defence and Aerospace | Adanidefence

Rajvanshi stressed how important it was for the organisation to make infrastructure asset safety a top priority by referencing the drone attacks on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia and on the Indian Air Force base in Jammu, in the past few years.

Manufacturing is already happening and again the roadmap is for 70-80% indigenization to happen within the country. We are still waiting for some rules to come out in the next couple of weeks and the deployment will immediately start

Said Rajvanshi

Back in April, the Ministry of Defence had identified counter-drone systems as a part of a list of 101 equipment which is to be indigenously made and procured.

Adani Elbit Advanced Systems India Limited is a joint venture between Adani Defence & Aerospace and Elbit Systems, Israel. The organisation has set up the first private UAV manufacturing complex at Adani Aerospace Park in Hyderabad to indigenize unmanned aerial platforms which also happens to be the only Hermes 900 production facility outside Israel.

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Hermes 900 is a state of the art, combat-proven multi-role unmanned platform with an endurance of 36 hours, payload capacity of 420 kg, and altitude of over 32,000 feet (10km+) with applications spanning across civil, defence and homeland security.

The manufacture of Hermes 900 includes the use of carbon fibre composites, avionics as well as manufacturing and integration of payloads in collaboration with Bharat Electronics.

Adani Group

So today, we are already exporting to the global markets and the expectation is that, depending on how the Indian Government and the Indian Air Force moves, we will be having a big order in the coming months



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