March 2022 magazine

India's Premier Crew Magazine

The passenger load factors are on an upward trend and the airports have started to get congested again. Efforts are also underway to reduce VAT on ATF and bring it under GST, a step that will significantly bring down operating cost for airlines. In this issue, we have brought together Industry experts from all domains who have written on critical subjects, both technical and non-technical that affects our daily operations. 

March has been an exciting and challenging month for Aviation in India. We saw our community’s strength and resilience when operators came together to evacuate our fellow countrymen from Ukraine. In this issue, we have covered scheduled airlines in India and their fleet details. Various Industry experts who have written on critical topics, both technical and non-technical that affects our daily operations.

In our magazine’s launch edition, we talked about India civil aviation statistics, Transponder landing system, importance of preventing contrails, manage exposure to cosmic radiation and got candid with Utkarsh Thakkar, a well known aviation photographer. The response to our request to authors for contribution has been overwhelming. Our sincere thanks to all the contributors for support.

We will be distributing the first few editions of our magazine free of cost. Download now to get your own copy.