Massive order for SAF to date – underscores Boeing’s immediate commitment to decarbonizing aviation

In what can be termed as “the” largest procurement by an airframer for SAF as of today, Boeing has entered into a purchase agreement with “EPIC Fuels” for two million gallons (7.5 million litres) of blended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The move demonstrates Boeing’s continued interest in promoting sustainable aviation and would power its commercial airplanes operations in the state of Washington and South Carolina through 2022.

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SAF is a safe, proven, immediate solution that will help achieve our industry’s long-term commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Boeing has been a pioneer in making sustainable aviation fuels a reality. Through this agreement we will reduce our carbon footprint and have SAF available for customer deliveries as well as our own operations.

Sheila Remes, Vice president of Environmental Sustainability, Boeing
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SAF stands for sustainable aviation fuel. It’s produced from sustainable feedstocks and is very similar in its chemistry to traditional fossil jet fuel. Sustainably produced jet fuel is touted to slash carbon emissions by as much as 80%, and by 100% in the future, over the fuel’s entire life cycle.

Depending on the feedstock and technologies used to produce it, SAF can reduce life cycle GHG emissions dramatically compared to conventional jet fuel. Some emerging SAF pathways even have a net-negative GHG footprint


Sustainable aviation fuel is now certified for commercial use and can be blended with traditional jet fuel without additional modifications to airplanes, engines or the fueling infrastructure.

Today, sustainable aviation fuels are mixed directly with conventional jet fuel up to a 50/50 blend — the maximum allowed under current fuel specifications.

The current purchase agreement with EPIC Fuels includes a SAF product comprising 30% neat SAF with 70% conventional jet fuel. With a current focus on company operations, the fuel is intended to power Boeing commercial production, test, ferry, Dreamlifter and customer flights at facilities in Everett, Renton and Seattle in Washington state and North Charleston, South Carolina.

Additionally, EPIC Fuel will also supply fuel to power the “Boeing ecoDemonstrator”- a Boeing initiative focus on bringing technologies from the lab, out into the real world to take on challenges that rock airlines and passengers alike.

Our focus on environmental stewardship and safety is well known in the industry. EPIC and Boeing have been partners for decades and we are honored to be a part of this procurement. Working together, we are making sustainability more attainable for our customers

expressed Kyle O’Leary, VP and COO of EPIC Fuels, an independent aviation fuel supplier with primary operations throughout the U.S. and Canada

Boeing began SAF-powered test flights back in 2008 which eventually led to the approval for their commercial use in 2011. The company officially commenced airplane delivery flights starting in 2012.

The Boeing 777F ecoDemonstrator, equipped with lasers and cameras, flew for the first time in 2018, entirely on 100% SAF.

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Partnering with airlines, fuel companies, governments and research institutions to expand SAF supply and thereby reduce fuel costs, the purchase with EPIC Fuels highlights Boeing’s continued interest in investing to develop SAF around the world.


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