Plan to bring Electric Air Mobility to Saudi Arabia announced by Lilium and SAUDIA

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the proposed development and operation by SAUDIA of an eVTOL network throughout Saudi Arabia was announced at the sixth edition of the Future Investment Initiative (FII) by Lilium, the manufacturer of the first all-electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) jet. By agreeing to the proposed deal, SAUDIA will become the first airline in the MENA region to buy 100 Lilium Jets combined with yearly support services.

Representative | The Peninsula Qatar

With the procurement of 100 Lilium Jets, SAUDIA plans to introduce a cutting-edge service that will include brand-new electric point-to-point connections as well as seamless feeder links to SAUDIA’s hubs for business class passengers.

The Lilium Jet will enable eco-friendly and efficient travel because it produces no pollutants during operation. The flexible cabin architecture of Lilium Jet is anticipated to enable a variety of roomy interior configurations that are ideally suited to the needs of the premium market, and Lilium believes that this will assist drive the early adoption of eVTOL aircraft that is necessary to scale.

We are thrilled to work with innovative partners for whom sustainability is a priority. This partnership with SAUDIA, our first in the Middle East, is an exciting development for Lilium. We look forward to working with SAUDIA to deploy an eVTOL network across Saudi Arabia

Alexander Asseily, Vice Chairman of Lilium said

Additionally, SAUDIA expects assisting Lilium with the certification of the Lilium Jet as well as any other essential regulatory clearances in Saudi Arabia. SAUDIA, the official flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, currently offers world-renowned service and hospitality to a network of more than 100 domestic and foreign destinations. Lilium and SAUDIA intend to revolutionize the domestic air transport industry in the Kingdom by combining SAUDIA’s unmatched market expertise with Lilium’s distinctive eVTOL aircraft.

Lilium eVTOL jet | Representative | Lilium

SAUDIA, building on its commitment to be an industry leading airline committed to sustainability, consider our eVTOL network project with Lilium to be an undertaking of great significance for the Kingdom’s aviation industry and will contribute effectively to spurring sustainable tourism in Saudi using zero-emission aviation. SAUDIA intends to meet a growing demand for regional air mobility and offer our valued Guests a superior on-board experience. The potential for such an airborne transit network is limitless

Captain Ibrahim S. Koshy, Chief Executive Officer of SAUDIA said

The parties must complete a feasibility study, agree on commercial terms, sign into binding agreements with respect to those agreements, and satisfy a number of other requirements before the proposed arrangement between SAUDIA and Lilium may proceed.