Pune Airport resumes partial cargo operations

The cargo service at Pune airport resumed partially after SpiceJet and IndiGo took approval from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security Instructions (BACS).

The Airports Authority of India abruptly suspended cargo service at the Pune airport by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security Instructions (BACS) on January 1.

“The cargo service was suspended at the Pune international airport as many airlines had not taken approval of running cargo service from BACS. Many airlines are in the process of taking approval. Currently, two airlines have received approval – SpiceJet and IndiGo. Their cargo services resumed from January 3. Air India, GoFirst, Vistara and AirAsia are waiting for approval. Once these airlines receive the approval their cargo services will also resume.”

Santosh Dhoke, Airport Director, Pune

As per officials, goods of at least 100-120 tonnes are transported from Pune airport daily.

Once the new terminal building is ready at the Pune International Airport – the cargo service will be shifted to the new building. The new cargo terminal will have a capacity of 36,000 tonnes. It will be called an ‘interim integrated air cargo terminal, ‘ and will be ready by March 2023. AAI Cargo Logistics and allied services company will oversee the operations of this cargo facility at its new location.

Pune Airport resumes partial cargo operations

The current capacity of cargo transportation in Pune is 25,000 metric tonnes, of which 17,000 is domestic and 7,500 is international.

Airport authorities plan to construct an international air cargo terminal in Pune which is expected to be ready by December 2024. The current cargo hold area will shift to make way for the terminal building. An integrated cargo terminal is under construction on land provided by the Indian Air Force and operations will begin here by March this year.

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