TCS-developed ‘RedSmart’ app powers AirAsia India’s punctuality record

AirAsia India, the joint venture between Tata Sons and Malaysian carrier AirAsia, achieved a milestone by notching up an on-time performance among major airlines for five consecutive months (April-August), according to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) data.

AirAsia India is a low-cost carrier, and the OTP (on time performance) of its flights is one of the most important factors for customers.

The OTP is calculated using two factors: one is the number of flights that operated during a period and the second is how many flights were delayed by five minutes or more during that period.

The AirAsia India airline has topped the on-time performance for five months since April.

AirAsia India launched an aviation analytics app that helps enhance the operational efficiency of the airline by monitoring and helping manage aircraft turnaround between flights with data analytics in real-time.

AirAsia India and TCS collaborated on this project which kicked off with workshops to design a best-in-class system with state-of-the-art technology to capture all the Precision Time Schedule activities.

The RedSmart app, built on the TCS proprietary is designed to provide the airline with a holistic approach to handling and managing flight operations and driving cost efficiencies.

“As an airline that has consistently embraced technology to deliver operational efficiency and enhance our guest experience, the introduction of RedSmart will help further automate operational processes inflight and on-ground. We’re delighted to partner with TCS, known for its futuristic technology solutions to launch RedSmart, the first of its kind in the aviation industry in India.”

Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran, MD & CEO of Air Asia India

The RedSmart Plus app works by enabling airline management to monitor precisely how much time is taken for each task such as loading/unloading, aircraft cleaning, fuelling, catering etc, also the ground personnel can feed details into the app after completing an activity. App’s analytics function provides reports on projected on-time performance for the day, helping the airline manage operations better.

The app has analytics functions, too, that provide the airline reports on projected on-time performance for the day and helps it to manage operations better.

A series of activities are carried out before a departure (loading/unloading, aircraft cleaning, fuelling, catering etc), and the RedSmart Plus app enables the airline management to monitor exactly how much time is taken for each task.

The app was upgraded last year and more functionalities were added. Apart from aircraft turnaround, it generates reports on fuel uplift, engineering, schedule analysis, arrival baggage, and transfer passengers, among others.

AirAsia India has shown that it is a competitive player in the Indian aviation industry. This could be attributed to its low-cost model and focus on operational efficiency, which improves customer satisfaction.

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