Technical snag on Vistara flight

An engine of a Vistara aircraft on its way from Bangkok failed after it landed at the Delhi airport but all passengers disembarked safely.

Vistara flight suffers engine snag after landing safely at IGI Airport.

Vistara said UK-122 which was operating the Bangkok-Delhi flight had an uneventful flight and touched down safely on runway 10 at IGI. After vacating runway engine number two, the left engine was shut down for single-engine taxing, at the end of taxiway ‘K’, engine number 1 failed.

ATC was informed and a tow truck was requested. Subsequently, the aircraft was towed to the parking bay.”

“After landing in Delhi, while taxing to the parking bay, our flight UK122 (BKK-DEL) had a minor electrical malfunction on 5th July 2022. Keeping passengers safety and comfort in mind the crew elected to tow the aircraft to the bay.”

Vistara Spokesperson

In June, Vistara was fined INR 10 lakh for allowing a co-pilot to land an aircraft at Indore despite not having the requisite training in a simulator. The airline apologised for the ‘regrettable violation’.

Vistara faces an electrical issue after a flight from Bangkok landed in Delhi.

Reacting to the development, with also the recent SpiceJet incident, Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia stated that passenger safety is paramount and even the smallest error and hindering of safety should be thoroughly investigated and course-corrected.

Meanwhile, sources say that more than 30 incidents are reported on average every day, while include go-around, missed approaches, diversion, medical emergencies, and bird hits. Most of them have no safety implications.

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