Vistara not part of the Tata super app yet; might lose Tata Group as its client

The promoters of Vistara – the Tata Group and Singapore Airlines – are in discussions to leverage on one another, with the Indian conglomerate’s ownership spreading across three airlines after the acquisition of Air India, Vistara chief executive Vinod Kannan said.

“So, those are discussions that are taking place. Whether we will be part of the (Tata) super app? In what form? I think there are various considerations for us as compared to maybe an AirAsia India or an Air India. And these are discussions already in progress at this time.

I can’t comment on it (outcome of the discussions), because there’s nothing to report at this point in time. But definitely, it’s something as part of the Tata Group that we will leverage on one way or the other.”

Vinod Kannan, CEO, Vistara

Kannan said he did not have a firm answer to “what is going to be the final home for Vistara”. Kannan was replying to a question on whether the airline would lose the Tata Group as its client since it is not part of the super app, which has the group’s all consumer-facing companies on it. AirAsia India and Air India are also on the super app.

Vistara promoters in talks to leverage Tatas’ Airlines

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Air India has allied with Vistara under which both airlines will accommodate each other’s domestic and international flyers in case of flight disruption due to some reason. The pact is valid for 2 years.

This ‘interline considerations on irregular operations’ (IROP) agreement will let both Air India and Vistara offer alternative first available flights to lessen the inconvenience caused to the passengers.

Before its pact with Vistara, Air India signed the same with AirAsia India (AAIPL) for domestic passengers (since it doesn’t operate international flights) two weeks back. Both the pacts are valid for two years.

Vistara is a 51:49 joint venture between the Tatas and Singapore Airlines and runs as a full-service airline that operates domestic and international flights, including to Europe.

It also has plans to launch flights to the US soon. The airline operates in 30 cities domestically and 11 internationally.

(With Inputs from The Economic Times)

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