Airbus A320


Description A320 is a subsonic, medium-range, narrow body aircraft mainly used by civilian airlines. With a total of 9300 produced, A320 family is considered as the most successful aircraft made so far. It is the first civilian aircraft to pioneer the use of digital fly-by-wire, side-stick flight controls and glass cockpit. In October 2019, it surpassed the Boeing 737 to become the highest selling airliner.
Wake Turbulence Category M
Aerodrome Reference Category C
Approach Category C
Variants A320 (111, 211-216, 231-233), A320NEO
Manufacturer Airbus
First Flight 22nd Feb 1987
Launch Organisation Air France, 18th Apr 1988
Largest Operator EasyJet (329)
First Registered In India 17th July 1989, Indian Airlines
Users In India Air India, Air Asia, Go Air, Indigo, SpiceJet, Vistara

3078 nm
M 0.78
Cruise Speed
Passengers Carried
Total in India
19,500 Kgs
Service Ceiling
US$ 101m
Number Built

Takeoff 1,850m
Landing 1,360m



Crew 2
Passenger Capacity 180
Length 37.57 m
Wingspan 35.80 m
Height 11.76 m
Wing Area 124 sqm
Max Ramp Weight 79,400 Kgs
Fuel Capacity 27,200 L
Engine CFM56, IAE V2500
Thrust 27,000 Lbs

Fleet Detail

10610 VT-IIA Airbus A320-251N LEAP 1A26 Y186 26-08-2021 Active
2135 VT-IKD Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 07-02-2019 Avolon Aerospace Active
2195 VT-IHV Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 03-07-2018 Avolon Aerospace Active
5120 VT-IDL Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 15-04-2015 MCAP Active
6287 VT-IAX Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 07-10-2014 Active
5898 VT-IFX Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 10-12-2013 Active
5807 VT-IFU Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 18-10-2013 Active
6336 VT-IAY Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 03-11-2014 Active
6289 VT-IAS Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 29-09-2014 Active
6275 VT-IAR Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 22-09-2014 Active
6247 VT-IAQ Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 28-08-2014 Active
6208 VT-IAP Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 30-07-2014 Active
6036 VT-IAO Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 01-04-2014 Active
6010 VT-IAN Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 06-03-2014 Active
5952 VT-IFZ Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 03-02-2014 Active
5893 VT-IFW Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 12-12-2013 Active
5829 VT-IFV Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 24-10-2013 Active
5727 VT-IFS Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 29-08-2013 Active
5712 VT-IFR Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 06-08-2013 Active
5683 VT-IFQ Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 03-07-2013 Active
5676 VT-IFP Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 01-07-2013 Active
5577 VT-IFN Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 14-05-2013 Active
5537 VT-IFM Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 10-04-2013 DAE Capital Active
5507 VT-IFL Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 14-03-2013 DAE Capital Active
5476 VT-IFK Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 21-02-2013 DAE Capital Active
5460 VT-IFI Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 01-02-2013 DAE Capital Active
5437 VT-IFH Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 28-01-2013 DAE Capital Active
5218 VT-IHR Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 24-04-2018 DAE Capital Active
4947 VT-IEM Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 07-12-2011 DAE Capital Active
3071 VT-IHZ Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 22-03-2019 CIT Aerospace Active
1957 VT-IKC Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 Y180 27-03-2019 Castlelake LP Active
6803 VT-EXE AIRBUS A320-214 CFM56-5B4/3 Y180 29-10-2015 CALC Active
6724 VT-EXD AIRBUS A320-214 CFM56-5B4/3 Y180 15-09-2015 CALC Active
6715 VT-EXC AIRBUS A320-214 CFM56-5B4/3 Y180 04-08-2015 CALC Active
6690 VT-EXB AIRBUS A320-214 CFM56-5B4/3 Y180 10-07-2015 CALC Active
6446 VT-EXA AIRBUS A320-214 CFM56-5B4/3 Y180 04-02-2015 CALC Active
4237 VT-EDF AIRBUS A320-214 CFM56-5B4/P C12Y138 31-03-2010 CALC Active
4236 VT-EDE AIRBUS A320-214 CFM56-5B4/P C12Y138 30-03-2010 CALC Active
4212 VT-EDD AIRBUS A320-214 CFM56-5B4/P C12Y138 25-02-2010 CALC Active
4201 VT-EDC AIRBUS A320-214 CFM56-5B4/P C12Y138 04-03-2010 CALC Active
6072 VT-GOR Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/3 Y180 15-05-2014 Aviation Capital Group Active
5990 VT-GOQ Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/3 Y180 25-02-2014 Aviation Capital Group Active
5811 VT-GOO Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/3 Y180 21-10-2013 Aviation Capital Group Active
5809 VT-GOP Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/3 Y180 04-10-2013 Aviation Capital Group Active
5675 VT-GON Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/3 Y180 21-06-2013 SMBC Aviation Capital Active
10355 VT-TQD Airbus A320-251N LEAP 1A26 17-02-2021 GECAS Active
7347 VT-TTN Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 C8W24Y126 16-09-2016 BOC AVIATION Active
7267 VT-TTM Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 C8W24Y126 12-08-2016 BOC AVIATION Active
7163 VT-TTL Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5 C8W24Y126 26-05-2016 BOC AVIATION ACTIVE
6178 VT-VNS Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B6/3 Y180 16-06-2014 Avolon Aerospace Active
6034 VT-ATB Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B6/3 Y180 05-03-2014 Avolon Aerospace Active
6015 VT-ATF Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B6/3 Y180 19-02-2014 Avolon Aerospace Active
5824 VT-RED Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B6/3 Y180 02-10-2013 Avolon Aerospace Active
5716 VT-KTM Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/3 Y180 05-07-2013 Avolon Aerospace Active
5430 VT-ATQ Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B46/3 Y180 18-12-2012 Avolon Aerospace Active
5109 VT-IXR Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/P Y180 29-03-2012 Avolon Aerospace Active
5007 VT-BOM Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/3 Y180 18-01-2019 GECAS Active
4936 VT-HKG Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/P Y180 29-11-2011 Aviation Capital Group Active
4887 VT-AMD Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/P Y180 14-10-2011 Aviation Capital Group Active
4379 VT-VTZ Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/P Y180 12-07-2010 CDB Aviation Active
4346 VT-APJ Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B6/P Y180 10-06-2010 GECAS Active
4314 VT-BKK Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/P Y180 12-05-2010 GECAS Active
3750 VT-NAG Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/P Y180 17-12-2008 Aircastle Ltd Active
3536 VT-JPR Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B56/P Y180 11-06-2008 Aircastle Ltd Active
3448 VT-JRT Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B5/P Y180 03-03-2008 Aircastle Ltd Active
3427 VT-KOC Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B4/P Y180 14-02-2008 Aircastle Ltd Active
3370 VT-KUL Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B7/P Y180 18-12-2007 Aircastle Ltd Active
3306 VT-MLE Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4/P Y180 25-10-2007 Aircastle Ltd Active
3232 VT-IMP Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B6/P Y180 27-08-2007 Babcock and Brown Aircraft Management Active
3201 VT-GWH Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B5/P Y180 28-06-07 Babcock and Brown Aircraft Management Active
2842 VT-HYD Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B4/P Y180 29-06-2006 Babcock and Brown Aircraft Management Active
2612 VT-PNQ Airbus A320-216 CFM56-5B4/P Y180 11-11-2005 Babcock and Brown Aircraft Management Active