100 knots September 2022 magazine cover

September edition

August has been a very interesting month in Indian aviation industry. DGCA has finally removed the fare caps on the tickets of domestic airlines from 31st August. As we can see, passenger count at 200 million which is expected to double soon, there is an opportunity beckoning at our door to make sure that we have an international hub here in India.

August edition

As we can see, the air travel industry is getting back on its feet and this is quite evident from the numerous flight delays/cancellations and the current unprecedented traffic at airports worldwide. In this issue, our experts are trying to explore how Europe is trying to cope up with capacity restrictions. We have Dr. Sanjay Bhargav making us aware about growing Musculoskeletal injuries among Flight and Cabin crew.

We are dedicating this edition to the Pilot training infrastructure in India. There are presently 34 registered pilot training schools in India with a combined total fleet of 219 aircraft. About 1000 commercial pilot licenses are issued by DGCA every year. MoCa has taken serious steps in setting up new institutes for pilot training to curb the outflow of students.

In this issue, we have brought together Industry experts from all domains who have written on critical subjects, both technical and non-technical that affect our daily operations. We get candid with Capt. Mayuri Deshmukh and explore her journey of becoming India’s first female offshore captain. Capt. Amit Singh FRAeS shares his insights from a recent survey on generative safety culture survey in India.

The passenger load factors are on an upward trend and the airports have started to get congested again. Efforts are also underway to reduce VAT on ATF and bring it under GST, a step that will significantly bring down operating cost for airlines. In this issue, we have brought together Industry experts from all domains who have written on critical subjects, both technical and non-technical that affects our daily operations. 

March has been an exciting and challenging month for Aviation in India. We saw our community’s strength and resilience when operators came together to evacuate our fellow countrymen from Ukraine. In this issue, we have covered scheduled airlines in India and their fleet details. Various Industry experts who have written on critical topics, both technical and non-technical that affects our daily operations.

In the march edition we have covered critical defence aviation insights as it coincides with celebration of 73rd Republic day. we will talk about a future defining trial undertaken by the Airport Authority of India officials where first GAGAN based LPV approach was successfully conducted. India’s most celebrated photographer Abhishek Singh, discusses his passion and remarkable journey.

In our magazine’s launch edition, we talked about India civil aviation statistics, Transponder landing system, importance of preventing contrails, how to manage exposure to cosmic radiation and got candid with Utkarsh Thakkar, a well known aviation photographer. The response to our request to authors for contribution has been overwhelming. Our sincere thanks to all the contributors for support.