Boeing B737-800


Wake Turbulence Category M
Aerodrome Reference Category 4C
Approach Category C
Manufacturer Boeing
First Flight 31st July 1997
Launch Organisation Hapag Lloyd, 22nd Apr 1998
Largest Operator
First Registered In India
Users In India

4000 nm
M 0.78
Cruise Speed
Passengers Carried
Total in India
20,540 Kgs
Service Ceiling
US$ 106.1m
Number Built

Takeoff 2,652 m
Landing 1,634 m



Passenger Capacity
Wing Area
Max Ramp Weight
Fuel Capacity

Fleet Detail

34399 VT-SXB Boeing B737-8K9 CFM56-7B26 Y186 31-05-2019 TWC Aviation Capital Active
33594 VT-SLG Boeing B737-8AS CFM56-7B26 Y189 23-01-2017 Active
34400 VT-SXC Boeing B737-8K9 CFM56-7B26 Y186 31-05-2019 TWC Aviation Capital Active
36369 VT-SGH Boeing B737-8GJ CFM56-7B26 27-10-2021 Active
33593 VT-SLF Boeing B737-8AS CFM56-7B26 Y189 22-12-2016 Active
60699 VT-GHF Boeing B737-800 CFM56-7BE Y189 24-10-2016 GECAS Active
60698 VT-GHE Boeing B737-800 CFM56-7BE Y189 19-09-2016 ICBC Leasing Active
60697 VT-GHD Boeing B737-86N wl CFM56-7BE Y189 17-08-2016 GECAS Active
60696 VT-GHC Boeing B737-86N CFM56-7BE Y189 27-04-2016 GECAS Active
60695 VT-GHB Boeing B737-86N wl CFM56-7BE Y189 14-04-2016 GECAS Active
60694 VT-GHA Boeing B737-86N wl CFM56-7B26E Y189 03-03-2016 GECAS Active
43902 VT-GHK Boeing B737-800 CFM56-7B2 Y189 28-08-2018 ICBC Leasing Active
43898 VT-GHI Boeing B737-800 CFM56-7B26 Y189 07-10-2018 ICBC Leasing Active
36340 VT-AYD Boeing B737-8HG CFM56-7B27 Y186 22-12-2009 ICBC Leasing Active
36339 VT-AYC Boeing B737-8HG CFM56-7B26 Y186 18-09-2009 ICBC Leasing Active
36338 VT-AYB Boeing B737-8HG CFM56-7B26 Y186 28-06-2009 ICBC Leasing Active
36337 VT-AYA Boeing B737-8HG CFM56-7B26 Y186 24-03-2009 ICBC Leasing Active
36336 VT-AXZ Boeing B737-8HG CFM56-7B2 Y186 09-01-2009 ICBC Leasing Active
36335 VT-AXX Boeing B737-8HG CFM56-7B27 Y186 08-07-2008 ICBC Leasing Active
36334 VT-AXW Boeing B737-8HG CFM56-7B27 Y186 13-05-2008 ICBC Leasing Active
36332 VT-AXU Boeing B737-8HG CFM56-7B26 Y186 30-08-2007 ICBC Leasing Active
36331 VT-AXT Boeing B737-8HG CFM56-7B27 Y186 06-07-2007 ICBC Leasing Active
36330 VT-AXR Boeing B737-8HJ CFM56-7B2 Y186 27-06-2007 ICBC Leasing Active
36329 VT-AXQ Boeing B737-8HJ CFM56-7B26 Y186 30-04-2007 ICBC Leasing Active
36328 VT-AXP Boeing B737-8HJ CFM56-7B26 Y186 28-01-2007 ICBC Leasing Active
36327 VT-AXN Boeing B737-8HJ CFM56-7B26 Y186 25-01-2007 ICBC Leasing Active
36326 VT-AXM Boeing B737-8HJ CFM56-7B26 Y186 21-12-2006 ICBC Leasing Active
36325 VT-AXJ Boeing B737-8HJ CFM56-7B26 Y186 14-12-2006 ICBC Leasing Active
36324 VT-AXI Boeing B737-8HJ CFM56-7B26 Y186 10-12-2006 ICBC Leasing Active
41398 VT-SZK Boeing B737-8GJ wl CFM56-7B26 Y189 03-05-2014 AIR LEASE CORPORATION Active
41397 VT-SZJ Boeing B737-8GJ wl CFM56-7BE Y189 15-01-2014 AIR LEASE CORPORATION Active
41345 VT-SZN Boeing B737-8SH wl CFM56-7BE Y189 09-08-2016 AIR LEASE CORPORATION Active
37772 VT-SZM Boeing B737-86J wl CFM56-7B26E Y189 30-07-2016 AIR LEASE CORPORATION Active
37362 VT-SGV Boeing B737-8GJ CFM56-7B26 Y189 24-10-2011 Babcock and Brown Aircraft Management Active
36694 VT-SYW Boeing B736-85R CFM56-7B26 Y186 22-05-2019 DAE Capital Active
36368 VT-SGG Boeing B737-8GJ CFM56-7B26 Y189 07-06-2010 GECAS Active
35217 VT-SPP Boeing B737-86N CFM56-7B24 Y189 09-08-2007 GECAS Active
35099 VT-SYD Boeing B737-8FH CFM56-7B26 Y186 10-05-2019 Aircastle Ltd Active
35063 VT-SLM Boeing B737-8EH wl CFM56-7B26 Y189 01-07-2016 Carlyle Aviation Active
34804 VT-SXA Boeing B737-85R CFM56-7B24 Y186 14-06-2019 Carlyle Aviation Active
34803 VT-SYZ Boeing B737-85R CFM56-7B24 Y186 27-08-2019 Alterna Capital Partners Active
34799 VT-SYA Boeing B737-85R CFM56-7B24 Y186 11-05-2019 Babcock and Brown Aircraft Management Active
34274 VT-SLL Boeing B737-8EH CFM56-7B26 Y189 12-07-2016 Babcock and Brown Aircraft Management Active
34273 VT-SLJ Boeing B737-8EH CFM56-7B26 Y189 22-07-2016 Babcock and Brown Aircraft Management Active
33597 VT-SLH Boeing B737-8AS wl CFM56-7B24 Y189 11-04-2017 SMBC Aviation Capital Active
33556 VT-SYJ Boeing B737-8AS CFM56-7B24 Y189 03-05-2019 Castlelake LP Active
33555 VT-SYI Boeing B737-8AS wl CFM56-7B24 Y189 09-05-2019 Castlelake LP Active
30475 VT-SFG Boeing B737-84P CFM56-7B26 Cargo 13-01-2020 GECAS Active
30474 VT-SFF Boeing B737-84P CFM56-7B26 Cargo 01-11-2018 GECAS Active
29641 VT-SGJ Boeing B737-86J CFM56-7B26 Y189 07-12-2010 MCAP Active
39066 VT-TGH Boeing B737-8AL CFM56-7B24E C12Y156 25-07-2019 ALAFCO Active
39065 VT-TGG Boeing B737-8AL CFM 56-7B26E C12Y156 13-08-2019 ALAFCO Active
39061 VT-TGE Boeing B737-8AL CFM56-5B4/3 C12Y156 02-07-2019 BOC AVIATION Active
39058 VT-TGB Boeing B737-8AL CFM56-7B26 C12Y156 24-05-2019 BOC AVIATION Active
39053 VT-TGA Boeing B737-8AL CFM56-7B26 C12Y156 28-05-2019 BOC AVIATION Active