Big plane order may be placed by Akasa Air in the next 18 months

New entrant Akasa Air is financially strong enough to place an aircraft order in the 18 next months that will be significantly larger than its first, its founder and CEO Vinay Dube said.

The carrier, which took to the skies on August 7, received its third aircraft on August 16 and the same will be used for flights on the Mumbai-Bengaluru route shortly.

With the passing away of ace investor Jhunjhuwala, whose backing itself had provided a tailwind for the country’s newest airline, the future trajectory of the airline will be closely watched.

The airline on November 26 last year signed its first aircraft deal with Boeing to purchase 72 Max planes.

Against this backdrop, Dube thanked Jhunjhunwala for his support in recruiting some of the best aviation talents in the country.

“He wanted us to have a top-notch leadership team that made all day-to-day decisions at the airline without having to fall back on him or any other investor.

The airline will continue to grow its fleet by adding one new aircraft every two weeks. Thanks in no small part to Jhunjhunwala, for which we will always be grateful, Akasa Air is a well-capitalised airline with the financial means to induct 72 aircraft over the next five years.”

Vinay Dube, Founder and CEO, Akasa Air

Akasa’s biggest investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala died last week. His family holds 45% of the airline through three trusts named after his children. He was very bullish on the aviation market in India.

The airline has received three of the aforementioned 72 aircraft to date.

The airline, which recently started flying, received its third aircraft in Delhi, which will be put into operation in the Mumbai-Bengaluru sector shortly. The carrier will continue to grow its fleet by adding one new aircraft every two weeks.

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