Elbit Systems unveils 5th Generation tech for vertical lift aircraft

Elbit Systems has launched a state-of-the-art, and what the company calls, an innovative Helicopter Vision Suite that would help pilots “own the weather”.

The Elbit X-Sight new Helmet Mounted Display

Elbit Systems

Touted to help pilots see through the body of an aircraft, much like a F-35 pilot, the new suite provides them with a real-time, clear, coloured wide field of view, during day and night, in challenging weather and visibility.

The X-Sight integrates a sophisticated sensor array, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered mission computer and a unique Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) system.

The Elbit X-Sight features the following:

  • the recently introduced X-Sight HMD system for helicopter
  • a new AI-powered mission computer for real-time data fusion and machine learning of obstacles and threats as well as for running operational applications
  • an integrated array of sensor systems combining the innovative Xplore radar with the operational BrightNite multi-spectral payload-this includes both day and Infra-Red cameras for thermal vision

The innovative “Xplore”

“Xplore” is a compact, sophisticated airborne radar that can be installed onboard an aircraft enabling flight during all visibility.

Elbit Systems new Xplore Aircraft Radar | Elbit Systems

Installed on the helicopter’s nose the integrated sensor array (BrightNite and the Xplore radar) provides a wide-angle view of the flight path and generates a synthetic picture of flight route terrain, providing advanced warning of obstacles, such as power lines and antennas, enabling low altitude flight even in zero visibility.

The Add-Ons

The AI-powered mission computer fuses the sensors’ information with preinstalled maps, and flight and mission data, presenting on the visor of the X-Sight HMD a real-time colour picture that includes an Augmented Reality overlay indicating obstacles, threats, the flight path and additional flight and mission information.

Elbit Systems

The enhanced user interface allows pilots to easily switch between operational applications at the touch of a button-from day flight to night flight to flight during heavy fog, landing pad analysis, obstacle mapping, collision alert and others.

The X-Sight helmet-mounted display reportedly has a 100×50 field of view and a range of 2,000 meters (6,561 feet).

Elbit Systems

Developed to support the Future Vertical Lift program and the Israeli Air Force helicopter fleet, it features an open architecture in full compliance with U.S. military standards for both hardware and software, offering increased flexibility for both users and partners.


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