Formula 1 of the skies-The Airspeeder completes 250 test fights – gets ready to race

Alauda Aeronautics, the creator and technical team behind Airspeeder, has announced the successful completion of its 250th test flight.

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Reportedly, this milestone achieved by the company brings the concept of “electric flying car racing”, which is much closer to a global audience through the world’s first Grand Prix series. These events will apparently be hosted on every continent and will, in turn, provide place and space for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry to rapidly accelerate technology and garner global mass enthusiasm for the same.

The Alauda Mk3 pure electric racing machine

New Atlas
Greater thrust-to-weight ratio than a fighter jet
Carbon-fibre chassis for lightweight strength
All-electric racing powertrain
Maximum manoeuvrability at high speed

The racer-craft can go from 0-100 kph in just 2.8 seconds with a total output of 320 kW. Weighing in at 130 kg (287 lbs), it can interestingly lift more than half of its overall weight, thereby making it easier for people who are moderately fit to easily fly this post-training.

Touted to be the next generation motorsport, Airspeeder, pilots commanding this aircraft will race through electronically governed tracks in the sky across the sea, desert and canyon landscapes.

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The cockpit will feature the latest augmented reality (AR) technology which will help the pilot navigate through the digitally mapped courses.

The safety system reportedly features collision-avoidance software, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, autonomous pilot failure safety systems, a carbon-fibre monocoque, extra batteries, a safety parachute and redundant motors.

Airspeeder has gathered some of the world’s leading backers of transitional motorsport-including Acronis and its delivery partner Teknov8, one of the world’s leading cyber security companies, DHL, the German logistics giant and Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications company in partnership with Amazon Web Services(AWS).

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AWS is collaborating with Telstra and Alauda to promote 5g connectivity solutions which will allow these flying cars to race safely through the skies while broadcasting the event live at the same time as well.

From various reports, the ‘virtual force field’ utilises the latest LiDAR and RADAR technologies, which will ensure Speeders can race blade-to-blade without making contact and in turn allow safe autonomous eVTOL passenger flying in urban settings.

The Formula 1 of the skies

Airspeeder is founded by Matt Pearson with a vision to accelerate a mobility revolution through competition. Alauda Aeronautics and Airspeeder were launched in 2019 and a full-sized racing car was unveiled in early 2021, followed by flight tests and remotely piloted races over an aerial drag strip


Interestingly, Alauda also has attracted some of the world’s leading technical talent, including senior engineers from Airbus, Boeing, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Mclaren and Jaguar Land Rover.

Also, Bruno Senn, who is a former F1 driver, Formula E, FIA World Endurance Championship driver and World eX race winner, is leading a highly talented pilots roster and personally works on modifications for the drones.

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