In a first, Groupe ADP and Air Liquide collaborate to develop airport hydrogen infrastructure – Here’s what we know

According to reports, the global hydrogen aircraft market is valued at $23.71 billion in 2030 and is projected to reach $144.53 billion by 2040, registering a CAGR of 20.5% from 2030 to 2040.

With so many players betting big on the game, recent studies on the potential of hydrogen-powered aviation have shown that such planes could enter the market as soon as 2035.

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In what can be termed the first engineering joint venture between Groupe ADP and Air Liquide, the two companies have agreed to form a 50:50 joint venture (JV) dedicated to facilitating airports in their bid to integrate hydrogen into their infrastructure.

The global aviation industry has a significant contribution of about 2.5% of carbon emissions across the globe. The rising focus of the aviation industry to de-carbonize the aircraft is significantly fueling the adoption of hydrogen aircraft across the globe.

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The group’s collaboration to act now to pave the way for decarbonized air transport worldwide exemplifies their ambitions for greener, cleaner and sustainable travel in the years ahead.

As the first hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft are expected by 2035, this collaboration will provide airports in France and across the world with the engineering and services they will need in their transition to hydrogen.

Airports will have to start considering their development strategy well in advance, if they are to welcome the arrival of hydrogen-powered aviation, especially regarding hydrogen volumes needed over time and the optimal hydrogen supply chain, which depends on an airport’s unique location and characteristics.

Hydrogen is necessary to tackle the challenge of the energy transition. Studies carried out with Groupe ADP over the last year have confirmed hydrogen can have a major contribution to decarbonize the airport sector. Airports have to be ready for hydrogen-powered aircrafts by 2035, and to foster the emergence of a hydrogen mobility ecosystem at large. This is why now is the time to work on adapting infrastructures. Air Liquide and Groupe ADP therefore project to create the first joint venture specialized in this field, building on our initial collaboration and pooling the complementary expertise of our two Groups. In line with our commitments, our ambition is to actively contribute to the emergence of a low-carbon society.

Matthieu Giard, Vice President, member of the Air Liquide Executive Committee notably supervising hydrogen activities, said
Twitter (March 2, 2021)

Apparently, the latest collaboration follows a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that was signed last year to conduct feasibility studies for the arrival of hydrogen-driven aircraft. In 2021, Air Liquide and Groupe ADP initiated the first collaboration, together with Airbus, to carry out a year-long study into the configurations of 30 airports worldwide, with a particular focus on Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly.


Having worked together with Air Liquide to produce studies over the past year, this joint venture was a logical next step. With it, we expect to have the first ground-based hydrogen technology use cases in place at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports in 2023. Our collaboration with Air Liquide is a long-term one and is based on the complementarity of our respective expertises : the hydrogen supply chain for Air Liquide and airport infrastructure and operations for Groupe ADP

Edward Arkwright, Groupe ADP Deputy Chief Executive Officer, said
Edward Arkwright | Group ADP

Air Liquide will cash in on its expertise in hydrogen-from production through electrolysis, liquefaction, and storage to the distribution of hydrogen to aircraft whereas Groupe ADP will contribute its expertise in airport engineering and know-how in airport operations.

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Air Liquide-a world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health, is present in 75 countries with approximately 66,400 employees and serves more than 3.8 million customers and patients.

Groupe ADP, formerly Aéroports de Paris or ADP, is an international airport operator based in Paris. It is one of the few airport operators to be present in all aspects of the airport value chain, from upstream studies in engineering, master planning and design, to the commissioning and operation of complex infrastructure. Its alliance with TAV Airports and with GMR Airports give rise to the world’s leading airport network and is currently active in 125 airports in 50 countries around the world.



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