L&T to collaborate with Jaunt Air Mobility to design eVTOL air taxis – here’s what we know

A Texas-based aerospace company – Jaunt Air Mobility, will reportedly collaborate with a subsidiary of Indian engineering giant – L&T, to develop an eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) air taxi.

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Apparently, L&T Technology Services & Ltd. (LTTS), has won a multi-year $100-million-plus electrical air mobility deal from Jaunt that has its design and manufacturing centre in Montreal, Canada.

As a part of the contract, LTTS says it’ll open an engineering and R&D Centre in Canada “for the next-gen electrical plane producer to supply engineering companies for the eVTOL air taxi”.

According to sources, the L&T-Jaunt craft could have its pilot runs in the US before it comes to India and other countries. And from what is known, the US-based firm has taken quite an interest in India.

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It is to be noted that the Indian Union Aviation Minister, Mr. Jyotiraditya Scindia had very recently invited eVTOL entities to come to manufacture their products and conduct operations here in the country.

LTTS will provide structural design analysis, certification support, manufacturing engineering services for the ‘Jaunt Itinerary’. We will also provide services to support the integration of flight controls, air data management and cockpit display systems. Apart from utilising (our) current development centres in US and in India, LTTS will open an engineering centre in Quebec province

LTTS said in a statement

Jaunt is creating a new generation of sustainable aircraft to meet the growing demand for increasingly urban and regional travel. These EVTOLs take off like a helicopter and fly like a fixed-wing plane.

These new air taxis will make it possible to travel more than 110km in the air in 25 minutes or less, with trip costs affordable to the public. The Jaunt Journey single pilot aircraft will carry four passengers. The vehicle will offer urban air mobility, cargo delivery, military missions and medical transport

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At Jaunt, our vision is to usher in a range of new age aircraft-driven urban commuting that is fast, safe and convenient. This new clean sustainable aircraft will reduce carbon emissions worldwide. Strategically, we are continuing to grow our Tier 1 partnerships and recognise LTTS as a best-fit engineering partner and together we are confident of pushing the mass-scale commercialisation

Jaunt CEO and CTO-Martin Peryea
Martin Peryea | aviationpros

LTTS is a listed subsidiary of L&T focused on engineering and R&D services.

Late last month it opened an entering design centre in Toulouse, France- the home city of Airbus.