Lucknow’s CCSIA Strengthens Airport infrastructure

Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport (CCSIA), Lucknow will not operate any night flights from February 23 until July 11 due to upgradation work.

There will be no flight operations between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 6 a.m. The Lucknow airport will endeavour to upgrade and expand its current runway (airside) throughout this time in order to get ready for challenges that will come with an increase in the volume of passengers and cargo.

Lucknow Airport will not operate any night flights from February 23 until July 11, between 9.30 PM to 6 AM

“During the four-month period, the airport will be undertaking various construction activities to upgrade the infrastructure on the airside which includes the introduction of three new link taxiways, new ground lights for aircraft operations, runway end safety area made of sand and aircraft turn pad expansion.”

“We have informed the airlines about the non-availability of the runway for 8.5 hours for them to facilitate the passengers accordingly.”

–Spokesperson, Lucknow Airport

The Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change granted the Airport Environmental Clearance to increase passenger handling capacity from the current 4.5 million passengers per year to 39 million and cargo handling capacity to 0.25 million tonnes annually.

To achieve this capacity, the Adani group will invest Rs 10,700 crore in the airport’s expansion. LIAL (Lucknow International Airport Limited) is currently proposing to expand CCSIA on a 457.1-hectare area.

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Adani group will invest Rs 10,700 crore in the Airport’s Expansion

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Last year the Adani Group has proposed DGCA shut Ahmedabad Airport’s runway for nine hours daily from January 3 2022 for overlaying and maintenance work. On April 14, 2022, it was announced that complete recarpeting–a work to resurface roads with fresh asphalt–the 3.5-kilometre-long runway, was completed in mere 75 days, setting a new record!

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“CCSIA (Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport) in Lucknow has a total land area of 509.41 hectares (1258.80 acres), making it one of the most land-constrained airports in India.”

–Adani Group

International Terminal (T1) and Domestic Terminal are the two passenger terminals currently in use by CCSIA. A brand-new integrated terminal building (T3) is being built west of Terminal T1.

The plan stated that in addition to T3, a new terminal building (T4) with related infrastructure, support facilities, and utilities will be constructed to support 39 MPPA. According to a presentation given by the Adani group in October, CCSIA can currently handle 4 MPPA.

Lucknow Airport, CCSIA
Gallery of New Terminal at Lucknow Airport

According to the LIAL plan, a cargo complex with a total size of 23.14 hectares will be built at CCSIA to accommodate cargo up to 0.25 million tonnes annually.

The expansion project will, directly and indirectly, employ roughly 2,000 people during its construction phase, and once it is operating, it will employ about 25,000 people, according to the plan.

Additionally, there will be the development of a multi-modal transport hub with the metro link, multi-level parking, cityside check-in and self-bag drop facilities, and curbside services for travellers/visitors arriving at the airport from nearby neighbourhoods. LIAL has suggested a multi-level parking structure with 4,000 parking places.

“Pedestrian walkways are planned to connect multi-level car parking to terminal departure and arrival areas, for passengers and greeters to park in multi-level car parking and walk down to the pickup/drop off kerbs.”

–Adani Group
The Adani group was successful in obtaining 50-year operating licences for 6 airports: Lucknow, Jaipur, Mangaluru, Thiruvananathapuram, Ahmedabad & Guwahati

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The Adani group has gradually extended its involvement in the aviation industry over the past few years. Through a competitive bidding process, the AAI leased airports at Lucknow, Jaipur, Mangaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, Ahmedabad, and Guwahati in February 2019. Through vigorous bidding, the Adani group was successful in obtaining the 50-year operating licences for all six airports.

Source: Business Standard