Say hello to “Black Swan”- the world’s first ‘cargo drone airline’

Dronamics Black Swan Cargo

Brace yourselves. A brand-new cargo plane is about to enter service.

Black Swan, a pilotless freight aircraft the size of a delivery truck will be unveiled soon by the Bulgarian firm “Dronamics”.

The company is creating and operating an all-inclusive middle-mile service using its Black Swan cargo drone. According to Dronamics, it is the first cargo drone airline in the world and can make same-day deliveries to the most remote locations while being up to 80% faster, 50% less expensive, and 60% less polluting than other modes of transportation.

Reportedly, brothers Konstantin and Svilen Rangelov from Bulgaria are the inventors of the concept. When Amazon started experimenting with drone delivery in 2013, the two reportedly began researching the market.

The brothers thought there was a better way to deliver individualized items to each client, but they were discouraged by the logistical challenges involved in using small drones like Amazon’s to carry goods directly to houses.

Most small delivery drones are an attempt to solve the last-mile problem. They are the bike messenger, we are the cross-country truck- the company told news outlet Drone DJ in 2018

Tech and specs

The Black Swan, unlike other aircraft that aren’t built exclusively for cargo, can transport the same amount of cargo over a distance of up to 2,500 km for less money, time, and carbon emissions than a compact cargo van.

Wingspan16m / 52ft
Fuselage8m / 26ft
Height4m / 13ft
Diameter1.3m / 4.3ft
Payload350kg / 770 lbs
Capacity3.5 cmb / 925 gal
Range2,500 km / 1,550 mi
Altitude20,000 ft
Speed200 km/h / 125 mph

A single-propeller Rotax engine produced by the Austrian business BRP-Rotax, which is owned by Bombardier Recreational Products, powers the routes.


It is reportedly the first freight drone licensed to fly in the EU, having been constructed by a world-class internal avionics team. Its landing strips can be as short as 400 meters (14 mile), and it can have its engine serviced anywhere in the world.

It is certified as CarbonNeutral and features a temperature-controlled environment for perishables.

The airplane uses only sustainable aviation fuel and will be mass-produced in Germany and Australia. This will encourage the “fastest and greenest” method of shipping goods and reduce emissions by 60%.

A network of droneports with easy integration and fully mobile operations

Fully transportable droneport freight equipment and a global, autonomous, and semi-autonomous remote fleet control system power the network operation. This makes it possible for Dronamics to easily integrate into the supply chain of any company because it can travel where conventional aircraft cannot. Additionally, there is a significant decrease in time, expense, and emissions due to the absence of the requirement for local warehousing.

The company’s droneports can be set up in unused airfields, airports, seaports, logistical hubs, and factory lots and require little in the way of infrastructure. All that is required are paved or unpaved airstrips longer than 400 meters so that communities and companies may be connected who have not previously had access to economical same-day delivery and serve underutilized routes.


Dronamics is developing new direct routes through its network of droneports, using Europe as its inaugural market. When Black Swan is ready for use, Dronamics intends to run it as the first freight drone airline in the world, beginning with flights over water and around the Mediterranean, such as in Greece or Cyprus.

Black Swan has been named by Freightweek as the “2022 Sustainable Drone Technology Company of the Year”.

SOURCE : Business Insider | Dronamics

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