Teague and NORDAM collaborate to create the world’s first “floating bed” in the sky

Historically, wide-bodies like the Boeing 747 and Airbus A330s have been the aircraft of choice for long-haul flights across the Atlantic, and understandably so. However, though, airlines have struggled to fill flights on certain routes causing them to burn a hole in their pockets, pushing them to re-define their strategy.

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Narrow-body, single-aisle aircraft, owing to their enhanced fuel efficiency and lower passenger capacity has hence become a lucrative option for the airlines operating long-haul routes, allowing them to profitably fly long-haul and operate lower-demand city pairs.

The increasing number of narrow-bodies entering the long-haul market puts them in direct competition against the onboard services provided by wide-body aircraft. As expected, passengers may feel the premium experience in a narrow-body cabin does not meet or exceed the standard of a widebody – owing to the reduced cabin footprint, seat pitch and constrained cabin architecture. Apparently, because of the constraints of the smaller single-aisle planes, business and first-class space and comfort could be compromised.

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To tackle those issues, while keeping operating costs low at the same time, American Design and innovation company Teague and aerospace company NORDAM are collaborating to unveil what is touted to be the world’s first single-aisle aircraft cabinet that would feature floating furniture, thereby re-defining in-flight passenger experience.

“Elevate” is the first single-aisle aircraft cabin that would feature “floating” seats and tables, which would be secured to the fuselage using NORDAM’s patented “Nbrace” attachment. It is also touted to provide passengers more space, privacy, and comfort in a home-like cabin – without compromising passenger numbers.

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At a time when passenger wellbeing and sustainability are industry priorities, Elevate heralds a new generation of beautiful, simplified cabin products that will enable airlines to deliver exceptional experiences for their passengers with the economic efficiency that these smaller aircraft were designed to deliver

Anthony Harcup, Senior Director of Airline Experience at Teague

The overall layout features a sidewall attachment- touted to be the first in the industry. This allows TVs to be directly fixed to the cabin walls, as well as give options for a variety of different seat pitches and angles.


For front row and business-class passengers, the suite environment wraps around the whole living space, creating a more exclusive and private zone that moves away from the typical tubular environment into a more luxurious residential atmosphere, while customized entrance lighting and overhead bins ensure passengers have an inflight experience like no other.

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Reportedly, owing to the innovative design of the “Elevate”, Teague has been shortlisted for a Crystal Cabin Award, which recognizes product innovations in aircraft cabins.

From an airline’s operational perspective, the additional fixing points allow for greater integrity and strength, further lightening the seats themselves bringing back the cost efficiencies that airlines expect.

This is a next-generation innovation that enables more creative freedom for the aircraft interior design community. By revolutionising how seats and other monuments attach to an aircraft, Nbrace recruits previously wasted space, transforming it into new aesthetic possibilities and dramatically improved passenger comfort, space and privacy

NORDAM’s CEO Meredith Siegfried Madden

Elevate will be showcased at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2022 in Hamburg in June.


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