Unveiling of Australia’s First Air Taxi Vertiport

The first vertiport in Australia will be located in Melbourne and serve the developing electric air taxi market. The vertiport, which was created by Contreras Earl Architects and was intended for Caribbean Park in Melbourne’s east, was unveiled by Skyportz.


 To develop a modular design for a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) airport, Contreras Earl Architects, To70 Aviation, Arup, and Microflite partnered with Skyportz Chief Executive Clem Newton-Brown.

Skyportz Chief Executive Clem Newton-Brown | Source

Several aviation corporations are investing literally billions of dollars in the creation of air taxi prototypes. Along with new competitors like Kittyhawk, Archer, Joby, Lilium, Volocopter, and Electra Aero, some of the greatest names in aviation and automotive are competing, including Bell, Embraer, Boeing, Airbus, Hyundai, and Toyota.

Air-One Vertiport in England | Representative | News NCR

There is no denying the impending arrival of Advanced Aerial Mobility. Since many prototypes have already taken to the air, it is anticipated that the front-runners will have passenger-carrying aircraft that have received commercial certification very soon.

With conventional aviation, if you build a new plane, you already have places to take off and land it.With AAM, everything is being built from scratch. It’s a catch-22. If you don’t have the infrastructure, you can’t get the industry off the ground, and if you have the landing sites but no aircraft, same thing. But eVTOL development is out in front

explained Sergio Cecutta at Arizona-based SMG Consulting
Representative | Source

The location of the airplane’s landing will be the final component of the ecosystem after the aircraft are in the air. And that’s where the Skyportz network of vertiports comes in.

For this industry to succeed it needs to have policymakers pushing the envelope to support new ‘mini airports’ in locations people want to go. Electric air taxis will be a new era in aviation where clean, green and quiet small aircraft can take people to places they want to go. However, community support is going to be the key to the development of these services. The community is going to have to see the benefits

A roadmap for the implementation of advanced air mobility (AAM) in Australia was recently announced by the federal regulator Civil Aviation Safety Authority. It is projected that commercial certification for electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft could occur as early as 2024.

Skyportz chief executive Clem Newton-Brown said

 We are proud to have designed Australia’s first vertiport—a beautiful, sculptural, ground-breaking terminal that contributes to the evolution of architecture and to the future of our communities and cities. Using advanced technology, we developed an efficient modular design made with recyclable aluminium. The system is lightweight, prefabricated and assembled on site, so that it can be adapted and configured for a broad range of settings and scaled for mass production

Contreras Earl Architects director Rafael Contreras said

After Skyportz stated it would build a transportation hub north of Brisbane and manufacture the aircraft in Queensland, flying taxis might carry athletes around the 2032 Brisbane Olympics in Queensland.


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